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How Does It Work?

Commissions Saved! has saved customers over


in commissions from traditional brokerages

What does every Seller want? A Seller wants EVERYONE to know their boat's for Sale and to sell as quickly as possible!

What is the BIGGEST reason people don't list their boat with a Broker? COST!

GSI has addressed BOTH of these concerns

When you list on the website, your vessel's details will be published immediately. Hundreds of buyers can view the vessel details, download the survey, and contact you directly if they are interested. Also, our automated system will email hundreds of prospective buyers instantly. Now EVERYONE will know your boat's For Sale.

COST? It's not going to cost you 10%, not 5% not even 3%. It's going to cost you $500 dollars to let EVERYONE know your boats for sale. $500 dollars, PERIOD.

Cost Comparison

GSI Boat

$300,00 Boat

No Commission

$500 Cost

Traditional Broker

$300,00 Boat

5% Commission

$15,000 Cost

How Much Can I Save?

A lot! With a $300,000 boat you would pay a $15,000 commission through a traditional broker. On the GSI Boat website this would only cost you $500 Dollars for a 3-month listing! This is a savings of $14,500! Even if it took you 6 months to sell your boat, you would still save $14,000!

Is there a Catch?

There is NO Catch, NO hidden fees, you are free to list your boat with every broker you want, but here are the benefits of using GSI Boat.

1. You enter your vessel information.

2. You upload your photos.

3. You upload your survey.

4. You pay $500 Dollars for three months of the GSI Platform.

5. You click ENTER and your Boat is immediately published and sent to the 100’s of Prospective Buyers who have expressed interest in your type of boat. Buyers can contact your directly.

6. Every time you make a 5% price reduction, your Boat is sent out to the original list PLUS any new potential buyers just like the 10%, 5% and 3% Brokers are going to do.

7. If you want GSI to facilitate escrowing funds or preparing a purchase agreement, we're available on a case-by-case basis.

Closing Assistance!

If you want GSI to facilitate escrowing funds or preparing a purchase agreement, we're available!
Contact Us for details.

Simply put, the website will FOREVER change how boats are bought and sold using a Broker's platform without paying any commission.

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